Umnai is offering a rare opportunity to join a commercial team operating at the absolute cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our work will fundamentally change the science and practice of the entire industry and every application it touches.

We are an early stage, well-funded start up with a clear path forward towards our global ambitions.

We are working on the core science of our project, building out and protecting our patent portfolio and we are looking for a special person to join our small but pivotal R&D team.

As part of this team you will be exposed to and work on paradigm shifting technology. You will be part of a prolific team that are working at the very edge of what is known.

Current Job Opportunities

Research and Development Data Scientist

Artificial IntelligenceNeural NetworksDeep LearningPythonTensorflow

Role and Tasks

  • Research, absorb and summarise existing AI related papers and inventions
  • Absorb and contribute to internal invention specification expanding those inventions through your own research, creativity and work
  • Implement, test and validate new machine learning methods and models
  • Contribute to, create and write patents within the company‚Äôs patent portfolio
  • Convert tested and approved models into production ready APIs

Skills and Background


  • Minimum Undergraduate Degree (1 or 2.1 classification) in Computer Science and one of: AI, Maths, Statistics
  • Masters or PhD relevant CS, AI or Engineering areas is an advantage
  • A good working knowledge of statistics, probability, logic, calculus and algorithm analysis together with software engineering is crucial
  • A deep working knowledge of artificial neural networks (feed forward, CNN and recurrent or LSTMs), deep learning and transformers including both practical and theoretical understanding is crucial
  • A good working knowledge of formal specifications and verification methods is an advantage

Writing skills

  • The ability to perform and coherently summarise extensive research is critical
  • The ability to product articulate, accurate and comprehensive technical writing is indispensable


  • 2 years minimum programming experience in Python, Keras or Tensorflow, and Spark
  • Programming experience in C/C++ is an advantage

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