Once in a while a technology breakthrough happens that triggers changes that reverberate throughout the entire eco-system.

Umnai is building deeply enabling technology that will change the way Artificial Intelligence is conceived, built and consumed.

  • Explainable

    AI is explainable when each function in an algorithm can be precisely observed and understood.

  • Ethical

    Humans can use AI ethically when they have the control to assess the fairness and appropriateness of each automated decision.

  • Actionable

    AI is actionable when bad decisions can be identified, assessed and resolved in real time.

  • Safe

    It’s only safe to deploy AI when risk can be accurately assessed and successfully mitigated.

  • Sustainable

    AI is sustainable when its training can be directed and focused with predictable results.

  • Purposeful

    AI will be most valuable when it becomes fit for purpose and not just fit for data.

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