Quality Assurance Team Lead



We invite you to consider the unique opportunity of becoming a key enabling member of a young team, building a cutting-edge global platform for Artificial Intelligence.  

Your contribution would be to build, guide and shape a passionate quality assurance team drawing on your experience and wisdom. You will thrive in this role if you are relentless in your pursuit of perfection yet inherently able to manage limited resource allocation. You might have a healthy dislike for status quo while understanding the importance of structure and process.  

We are building a platform that will shift the frontier of technology and we are working like crazy to create a culture and infrastructure where people can be the best versions of themselves, can be creative, can try new things, fail, stand up and dust themselves off, learn and push to become better than they ever knew they could be.   


As the leader of the quality assurance and testing automation team you will be the key enabler and motivator of the quality assurance engineers. You will be the key quality gatekeeper, and it will be your job to work with your team to constantly raise the testing and quality bar of all aspects of the products we build.  You will work in a cross-functional team within a highly automated agile development framework, using the gold standard processes and tools to ensure focus, efficiency and empowerment of every person, all the time.   

We aspire that you will use your expertise and in-depth knowledge to leverage industry-standard frameworks, best practices, tools, and methodologies to build, manage and monitor robust, fail safe processes.  

As a leader we will empower and support your team, building a culture of excellent cross functional communication and quality evangelism.   

We are a young company on an amazing mission, and you will need to know how to balance the apparent paradox of thinking long-term and executing for now, amplifying positives and minimising negatives and rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty as we accelerate with an imperfect roadmap.  



  • Minimum experience of 5 years in a Quality Assurance role. 
  • Demonstrable leadership experience and ability to mentor, enable and support a team. 
  • Excellent multi-directional communication skills. 
  • Experience with Java and testing tools such as JUnit, Mockito, Gatling, RestEasy and Selenium. 
  • Exceptional knowledge in testing methodologies, such as Integration, Functional, E2E and UI Testing. 
  • Working knowledge of continuous integration and continuous delivery technologies and processes. 
  • Familiarity with revision control systems such as Git.   
  • Exceptional skill and knowledge in creating test plans at different levels of product abstraction. 
  • A demonstrable ability to concisely and accurately document process, analysis, ideas and concerns.  
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to communicate effectively in English.


Send us your CV on careers@umnai.com