Content Researcher and Writer



What if we told you that you could be part of a team that is building a technology so new, enabling and positively impactful that it will change how Artificial Intelligence is conceived, designed, built and regulated.  

What if we told you could join our team as our first content writer and that even if you stayed with us for the rest of your career, you will never stop exploring new material, uses and stakeholder stories. 

If you know you are exceptional, different, insanely passionate and capable of extraordinary work, come talk to us.


You will be the first person in what will grow into diverse team of story tellers, communicators and content makers. Our initial focus will be the creation of the first version of our story, our marketing material and our first outreach to the world, showcasing and explaining our technology and from there we will build a team.  

You will tell our story via website content, white papers, articles, scripts and explainers targeting stakeholders and potential customers including but not limited to data scientists, C-suite, investors, enterprise customers, regulators and politicians.  


  • You are a ninja at researching, absorbing, distilling, collating, summarising and cataloguing information 
  • You are a storyteller who can write pedagogically and with empathy in exceptional written English language  
  • You know how to outline and then write content at different levels of abstraction 
  • You are skilled at making complex things understandable 
  • You absorb new and complex concepts in enough detail to understand and communicate the ‘what’ and the ‘why’, without needing to fully understand the how 
  • You are really self-directed and yet amazing at working in a team 
  • You can see an issue through multiple viewpoints


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