Backed Software Engineer


An exceptional opportunity for exceptional developers. It’s not often you get the opportunity to work on a project you will be proud to tell your family about, an opportunity to develop product that will literally shift the entire frontier of Artificial Intelligence. If we are good enough to attract you join our team, you will be part of building a global platform of enabling technology that the whole world will talking about over the next few years.  

We are building something amazing. We are working like crazy to build a culture and infrastructure where people can be the best versions of themselves, can be creative, can try new things, fail, stand up and dust themselves off, learn and constantly push to become better than they ever knew they could be.  


You will be an integral member of our product engineering team designing, delivering, and maintaining backend functionality and APIs. Our business will rapidly accelerate and scale and the team operates best practice agile development framework, using the gold standard processes and tools ensure focus, efficiency and empowerment of every person, all the time.  

We want you to be deeply involved and passionate about participating in technical-decision, design, and development of production-grade code. We expect you to take unreasonable pride in ensuring hallmark qualities such as scalability, usability, simplicity, and maintainability and to be obsessive about testing and documentation to ensure accuracy, reliability, and scalability. 

You will prosper if you are forward-thinking and solution-oriented, questioning the current status quo, devising new ideas and solutions, and effectively communicating with all stakeholders. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in computer science / Software Development
  • Minimum experience of 3 years in a Software Engineering role
  • Exceptional Python and/or Java/Scala programming skills 
  • Working knowledge of API Design 
  • Working knowledge of MongoDB / NoSQL Databases, SQL and other more traditional Databases
  • Good knowledge of Data manipulation
  • Familiarity with revision control systems such as Git 
  • Working knowledge of CI/CD technologies and processes 
  • Strong analytical skills to identify potential pitfalls in design, process and code 
  • Excellent grasp of testing and documenting code 
  • You need to be able to communicate effectively in English
  • We would like to know if you are familiar with Spark, Hadoop, Tensorflow or Keras.


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